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Lost Lyrics

Meatscapes found this while on tour with a Milwaukee band in Europe:


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Running Roslin (Crazy)

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Burger Review

Here is my Review:

First, its important to note that I couldn't make a solid review after eating just one Angry Whopper. To get a real feel for it, I had to have two within 3 days. The day in between was to let me pallette relax so that I could approach the Angry Whopper again with an open mind. I then waited another day before writing a review so that I could clear my thoughts and write without bias.

After thorough consideration it is my opinion that the Angry Whopper definitely lives up to its name. It was definitely Angry! In addition, that horrible mistreatment of the onion has resulted in a true masterpiece, the ANGRY ONION!

Some might say that the ANGRY ONION gets lost in the mix of jalapeno, peppar jack cheese, bacon, burger, and Angry Sauce, but that probably has to do with not being prepared for a such a sophisticated approach to burger construction. The multi-layered formula creates a perfect mix of Angriness. The King seems to have gotten it just right with this one. I can almost see him in the lab carefully experimenting with different ratios of Angry to Burger as I bite into this overwhelming success. The King's care and effort definitely pays off in what I can only call one of the best, and most Angry, burgers that I have ever had the pleasure to ingest.

I'm not overexagerating here either. It was great! But there are a few things that might keep the weak at heart away from the Angry Whopper. First, I did experience some heartburn after my first endeavor into Angriness. It could have come from being truly ready to eat those ANGRY ONIONs, but it could also have been due to slight hungoverness. Regardless, the heartburn didn't return on my second attempt. This leads me to believe that the Angry Whopper is just one of those things that if you don't dig on your first try, will benefit from subsequent meals. If after a few eats, you still don't dig what The King is all about with this new release, then you'll probably never get it. I for one am a fan and will recommend this supeme Angry Whopper to anyone I meat.

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Ice Car

Wisconsin Winter:

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flags insert

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quotable quotes

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beerows FIXED

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heres barrows beard as of like last year or some shit
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