It's Wiscpunk You Idiot


Wiscpunk West Meetup (Amebix)

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Rip On Line Toot

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Ice Pics

Remixed ice storm photographs taken by b.barrows

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Rent this for us to have shows in

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Burger Review - Five Guys

Burger Review: Five Guys

It was good. Five Guys is like a burger and fries extravaganza. It is designed for the consumption of mass quantities of awesomeness. When I entered the establishment I was confronted by stacks of potato bags, buckets of ketchup, and gallons upon gallons of fryer oil. Nothing could possibly persuade me to eat more burgers than this amazing sight.

The burger itself was great. It wasn't too huge or crazy or anything out of the ordinary, other than it was really good. Actually, it tasted the way I want all my burgers to taste... as if I made it myself. It was served in a tin foil wrapper and looked all smashed together but I won't be the first to tell you that looks aren't everything. Especially when it comes to the AMERICAN classic cheeseburger. Plus they let you pick all the extra toppings you want without jacking up the price any more than it already is.

My favorite aspect of this burger adventure wasn't the burger though. It was the fries. These are the kind of fries I dream about every night. Thick, skin on, crispy, home cut fries. WINNER FRIES!
I love America.

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