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Burger Review 3: Arby's New Roastburger™

Burger Review 3: Arby's New Roastburger™

Due the King's recent mishap with the BK Burgershot™, I decided to think outside the burger box and try something different. What kind of burger could be more different than a burger by not really being a burger at all you ask? Try the Arby's New Roastburger™.

Arby's New Roastburger™ is not a burger at all. It is a roast beef sandwich with a bunch of extra stuff that you usually put on a hamburger. I couldn't see how this could possibly be a burger at all because it doesn't have any ground beef at all, its roast beef which is an entirely different thing. Upon eating the "burger" my hypothesis was proven correct. Arby's New Roastburger™ doesn't taste at all like a burger, but rather like a roast beef sandwich pretending to be a burger. I almost couldn't even finish eating it.

The point I want to make clear is that a hamburger is a hamburger. It has a certain taste, no matter where it is made, because the "meat" had been treated a certain way. Roast beef on the other hand has an entirely different production process and so has a completely different taste. Although they supposedly both coming from beef cattle, they can't really taste the same or, at least, shouldn't try to.

To simplify:
Lettuce, onion, pickle, ketchup, and mustard on a ROAST BEEF sandwich does not a BURGER make.

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Doggie Doctor (Not Doogie)

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Burger Review 2: BK Burger Shot

After a recent controversial win with the Angry Whopper, the King has come out with its newest attempt at subjugating all burgerdom. The BK Burger Shot, as advertised, is a small hamburger.

I know what you're saying: "You mean like White Castle?"
The answer would be that yes, it is seemingly exactly like the world famous White Castle Slider, except for the fact the the BK Burger Shot is stupid. The first large difference is that the BK Burger Shot(s) that I ordered were not lovingly crafted on a steam grill with onions. My BK Burger Shots looked like they were made in a printer, the buns too, and then not separated on the perforated lines. I was served a sheet of bun, a sheet of roundish meat product, some stratregically placed pickles, mustard/ketchup spots, and another sheet of bun. I'm serious when I say that the esteemed burger engineers failed to follow the directions and assembled this product incorrectly, as if it were written at IKEA.

I'm willing to give the King the benefit of the doubt, but after this clear miss, The BK Burger Shot will definitely not make it very far. It tasted horrible and looked even worse. As a burger enthusiast, I do not like to separate my tiny hamburgers from each other before I can eat them. Maybe the BK in the BK Burger Shot stands for BUNCHA KRAP!!!

Advice: If you want small burgers, go to White Castle, not BK!

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HOuse Of Rock

HOUSE OF ROCK - BEST WEBSITE!!!!!!!! especially the bloody mary with scrolling text.

where the recent Wiscpunk West meet-up took place.

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Wiscpunk West had a meetup for the Flags Will Cover Their Coffins Metallica crossover last week. Half of them are pictured here:

The after pics are even better:

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